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DAIJIRO always in search for innovations has just developed an electronical module capable to optimise your motorbike performances. With the electronical box easy to install in a few minutes, increase the engine torque and power.

- WHY DAIJIRO ? Due to the approval and noise standards, Japanese motorbikes manufacturers modified advance curve on ignition and injection at the first and second ratio, generating a waste of acceleration, so the DAIJIRO box was developed. Furthermore, from 2001, Japanese motorbikes are limited to 300 km/h, with the DAIJIRO RS box, we remove this limitation.
- WHAT IS THE DAIJIRO EFFECT ? When removing the rate limit effect installed by the manufacturer, the DAIJIRO box increases the couple , improve the acceleration, especially at the low and high revs. At the acceleration wires the engine performances are optimised to the maximum, acceleration are more intensive and the ranges of rates are extended.
- HOW TO INSTALL THE DAIJIRO ? The small electronic box is simply connected to the ignition box (CDI) without damaging or modifying the wires with connectors conform to the original. Needing no adjustment, no welding, and the DAIJIRO box distinguishes through the easiness of its installation. Delivered with a specific notice, the plugging can be done with no possible mistake, in a few minutes. DAIJIRO be unplugged at any moment, so the motorbike gets its previous settings.

The technology used for the DAIJIRO development combines the electronic quality and performances. Highly specialised into the additional box sector, DAIJIRO is suitable for almost 25 Suzuki motorbikes models and is always in perpetual development.

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  --> GSXR 1000 2th, 3th and 6th
--> GSF 600 Bandit 2th and 3th
--> SV 650 2th and 3th
--> GSX1300R Hayabusa 2th, 3th and 6th
--> GSX 1400 2th and 3th
--> TL 1000 R 2th and 3th
--> TL 1000 S 2th and 3th

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